Mast Group Ltd provide a range of kits and reagents for the determination of IgG subclass concentrations on behalf of Sanquin Blood Supply. Decreased or increased levels of IgG subclasses in serum are associated with several diseases. Deficiencies of IgG subclasses are an indication of a disturbed immune response. The major clinical indication for measuring IgG subclasses is the occurrence of abnormally frequent and/or prolonged severe infections that cannot be explained by usual clinical and laboratory data. Different Techniques can be used for IgG detection:

  • Radioimmunodiffusion (RID) is widely used technique and easy to perform. The Sanquin kit utilises polyclonal, monospecific antisera in the PeliRIDe™ RID plates to give sharp, single precipitation rings for each IgG subclass. Diameters of the clearly visible precipitation rings should be measured within 64 hours. IgG subclass concentrations are determined by means of reference curves or use of a reference table.
  • ELISA - The PeliClass™ ELISA kit is a sandwich assay containing 6 pre-coated 8 wells strips, with each strip specific for one of the human IgG subclasses. Strips are colour coded for rapid and easy identification, and the kit includes test samples, control sera, calibrator and reference values. Further information can be found on the Sanquin website
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