New stock lines of MASTDISCS® AST discs - Now available!

Mast is pleased to announce the launch of NEW additions to the MASTDISCS® AST range.

  • Tedizolid 2µg Cartridge discs (code: TZD2C)
  • Lefamulin 20µg Cartridge discs (LMU20C)

Tedizolid is a novel oxazolidinone for the in vitro susceptibility testing of Gram-positive pathogens in acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.  Tedizolid 2µg antimicrobial susceptibility discs are listed under both EUCAST and CLSI methodologies.

Lefamulin is a pleuromutilin antibiotic for the in vitro susceptibility testing of microorganisms which cause community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.  Lefamulin 20µg is listed in the current CLSI performance standards.

These new compounds are available as AST discs:

  • Provided in cartridge format
  • Available from stock
  • Compatible with the MAST® DISCMASTER Dispenser
  • Easily integrated into laboratory workflows
  • Discs for both EUCAST and CLSI compliance where indicated

Mast had a good response to the previous launch of new AST discs Cefiderocol 30µg (FDC30C) and Imipenem/ Relebactam 35µg (IMR35C)
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