Equine Influenza - Use of SAA in diagnosis

Equine Influenza virus is one of the most contagious diseases that affects horses and can be devastating in susceptible populations.

There are no anti-viral drugs that are proven to benefit horses with influenza so treatment is essentially supportive and symptomatic. In equine influenza, serum SAA increases during the first 48 hours of clinical signs (Hulten et al., 1999)

Although originally developed for clinical diagnostic use, SAA is particularly popular in veterinary testing and is used to reliably monitor injury recovery in a number of animal species. Test results can be read manually, but protocols for a variety of popular analysers are also available on request.

SAA is a latex agglutination test that has been designed for the measurement of SAA protein in serum to permit the early detection of tissue injury, infection and inflammation by optically measuring the change in turbidity caused by the agglutination of the latex particles sensitized with SAA antibodies.

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