New ESBL DETECTION SET (EUCAST) - Available now!

Mast are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW  MASTDISCS® Combi  ESBL Detection Set (EUCAST) with the new disc potencies as recommended by EUCAST for the reliable detection of ESBL producing Enterobacterales.

The prevalence of ESBL producing pathogens is continuing to increase world-wide, limiting the antibiotic treatment options posing challenges in patient management.

EUCAST has aligned the cephalosporin disc potencies for AST and ESBL confirmation, and recommends laboratories introduce combination discs containing Cefotaxime 5µg and Ceftazidime 10µg +/- Clavulanic acid 10μg for routine phenotypic confirmation in Group 1 Enterobacteriaceae (e.g. E. coli and K. pneumoniae).  Additionally, in Group 2 Enterobacteriaceae (e.g.  Enterobacter spp., Citrobacter freundii etc.) where derepressed AmpC production is common MAST offers D63C Cefepime ESBL ID Set (Cefepime 30µg +/- Clavulanic Acid 10) which can be used for ESBL confirmation since this is AmpC stable.

The MASTDISCS® Combi ESBL Detection Set (EUCAST) contains two paired sets of cartridges - Cefotaxime 5µg discs +/- Clavulanic acid 10µg and Ceftazidime 10µg discs +/- Clavulanic acid 10µg each pack containing 50 tests:

  • New disc potencies recommended by EUCAST
  • Free Results Calculator available to download
  • 4 week stability in MAST® DISCMASTER dispenser
  • Flexibility to add on Cefepime ESBL ID Set (D63C)
  • Evaluated by EUCAST (click here to download poster)

Mast Group's range of combination detection discs offers laboratories a simple and cost effective solution for phenotypic confirmation and differentiation of β-lactamase mediated resistant enzymes – contact us now for more information.