Cryovials for long-term preservation of clinically important bacteria and fungi

CRYOBANK® is based on a cryovial system comprising chemically treated beads immersed in a special cryogenic preserving solution.

CRYOBANK® offers a reliable, convenient and versatile system for storing and preserving a wide range of bacteria and fungi over long periods. Suitable for use in all laboratories dealing with bacteria and fungi including clinical, water, brewing, veterinary, food, pharmaceutical, dairy and biotechnology.

CRYOBANK® is available in an economical 80 vial presentation CRYOBANK® box. The vials come with colour coded caps and barcoding to allow the classification of different groups of microbes with full traceability. Each pack also has a reference grid printed on the lid so locating an organism is quick and simple. These packs are freezer proof, easy to store and designed to fit standard freezer racks. The vials can be easily removed from the box with the 'picker' provided.


An 18-place aluminium block encased in insulating polystyrene which holds vials. With the polystyrene cover tubes remain below -20°C on the work bench for up to 45 minutes. This greatly enhances the stability of cultures and extends working time when they are removed from the freezer. This removes risks associated with continuous freeze-thawing, therefore maintaining viability of the organism. Aluminium block places are conveniently numbered for easy reference.

Features and benefits

  • Bar-coded for full traceability. Suitable for use with all commonly available barcode readers.
  • Stackable boxes.
  • Simple to use procedure.
  • Proven storage of a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and moulds over long periods.
  • Suitable for use to -80ºC.
  • Supplied with picker for easy removal of cryovials.
  • Colour coded beads and caps for easy recognition.
  • External threaded tube reduce risk of contamination.
  • Ideal for clinically important isolates and storage of ATCC/NTCC control strains for quality control.
  • MAST® CRYOBLOCK greatly enhances the stability of cultures and extends working time when they are removed from the freezer.
  •  Excellent stability data with proven efficacy.

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