Mast Group Brexit Statement

Mast is a responsible company that believes in taking a proportionate view on the likelihood of a number of events that may be outside of its control.

In this context, Mast recognises that the transition period for the UK to leave the European Union ends on 31st December 2020 and that there is a possibility that this will be without a deal. 

  • It is important to note that Mast is a domestic company domiciled in the UK and with a strong UK manufacturing centre based in Merseyside.
  • It is also important to note that many of the raw materials used in Mast manufactured products are bought from domestic suppliers.
  • Many of the Mast products not manufactured in the UK are in fact bought from non-European countries and imported by air freight which is therefore unlikely to be impacted significantly by leaving the EU.

​Mast is closely monitoring this developing situation, though in any event a number of factors relating to the import and export of goods across the new border will change.

Mast has considered the impact of these changes in relation to our ability to continue to supply our customers with the products they need.  Consequently, Mast has taken appropriate steps to minimise any disruption to our customers in these uncertain times such as:

  • Working closely with our industry body, who in turn are liaising with the UK government and who attend regular meetings where there is an opportunity to raise issues that may impact our ability to meet the needs of our customer and supply base.
  • Maintaining close links with our freight partners, both incoming and outgoing, agreeing and monitoring their plans to mitigate any transportation issues that may arise.
  • Registering for all relevant government initiatives and certifications in order to provide us with the optimum supply routes where appropriate.
  • Requesting its European based raw material suppliers to provide their plans to mitigate any supply issues with increased stock holdings or alternative non-EU sources.
  • Investing in a programme to increase our own stocks of both raw materials and finished goods in order to mitigate any transportation or customs issues that may arise.
  • Working with our subsidiary and distributor companies in order to ensure that they also have sufficient stock of products to ensure ongoing supplies are available during any period of disruption.

Of course, each individual organisation has its own views on the outcomes expected as a result of the UK having left the EU with or without a deal and must make whatever choices their stakeholders feel appropriate for their individual circumstances.

If you continue to be concerned we would recommend that you should increase your stock holdings accordingly to ensure continuity of supply.