The MAST URI®SYSTEM comprises a suite of instrumentation, software and innovative reagents, providing a streamlined and economical alternative to established urine processing methodologies. A range of complementary accessories are available to further enhance the proven efficiency of the MAST URI®SYSTEM. A variety of consumables and accessories are also available to be used alongside the MAST URI®SYSTEM. Integral to the system are MAST URI®PLATES, a range of ready to use biochemical, antibiotic and control media, supplied in a 96 well format for culture, identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing. Antibiotic concentrations in the MAST URI®PLATES are prepared in accordance with EUCAST breakpoints as directed by the Consultant Microbiologist, to suit individual laboratory requirements. Furthermore, with the end user in mind, deliveries are made to the laboratory each week to guarantee fresh plates and to reduce pressure on fridge storage. MAST URI®LOCATE is a unique chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent to ensure accurate and consistent inoculation and reading of the MAST URI®PLATES. The reagent is dispensed into one well of the urine specimen plate and inoculated onto every MAST URI®PLATES using a custom inoculation pin. This ensures correct plate orientation and minimises the risk of potential error. It increases security of testing and forms a critical part of the audit trail. Additionally, the MAST URI®RACK is a simple solution for the convenient storage and incubation of MAST URI®PLATES, with each rack having a capacity of up to 40 plates.

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