MAST URI®SYSTEM Simple, Efficient, Effective

The Mast Uri® System is an innovative and efficient semi-automated suite, comprising of instrumentation, software and reagents. The system provides a streamlined and cost-friendly alternative to traditional microbiological culture of urines, to aid the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI).

The Mast Uri® System can effectively identify pathogenic bacteria, eliminate negative urine samples and generate antibiotic susceptibility results. Intuitive software with visual prompts guides sample processing and the bi -directional interface streamlines data management either manually or via the LIMs system. The Mast Uri® System incorporates a simple bar-coding system to maintain traceability of the samples through the whole process.

When employing traditional culture methods, microbiological analysis of urine samples accounts for approximately 30-65% of the workload in clinical pathology laboratories. The Mast Uri® System can re-allocate up to 50% of staff time, eliminating bottleneck situations, making it an attractive addition within the laboratory.  

The Mast Uri® System allows for approximately 95% of urine samples to be reported within 24 hours.

The Mast Uri® System is made up of the following suite of components:

  • Mast Uri®  Plus- automated plate reader and sample analyser
  • Mast Uri® Well- dispensing aid with 96 LED template for sample transfer.
    Inoculum plate containing 96 samples can be confidently prepared within 20 minutes.
  • Mast Uri® Plates - 96-well plate format pre-poured media plates for bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST), using recognised EUCAST breakpoints.
    Customised to suit individual laboratory requirements.
  • Mast Uri® Dot- multiple sample inoculator
    Each Mast Uri® Plate can be inoculated within 15 seconds which means that 96 samples can be processed in approximately less than 5 minutes.
  • Mast Uri® Prep– novel solution that allows urine specimen preparation to be performed independently of the Mast Uri® Plus
    Innovative tablet format with minimal space required to greatly improve workflow and significantly increase capacity.
  • Mast Uri® Locate– unique chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent to ensure accurate and consistent inoculation and reading of the Mast Uri® Plates.
    Custom inoculation pin ensures correct plate orientation and minimises risk of potential error.

Mast Group Ltd strives to focus on product excellence and to provide the best service to our customers. The Mast Uri® System is currently installed in 30 locations across the United Kingdom, 4 locations across Hungary and 1 in the Republic of Ireland.

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